Amish Country Tours in Wisconsin

Travel back to a simpler time with a visit to Wisconsin Amish country. Situated in the heart of scenic West Central Wisconsin, just outside of Tomah, the quiet Amish community has grown from a modest enclave in 1966 to what is today the largest Amish community in the State of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Amish Country Hotel Lodging.

Situated scenic Tomah, WI, just a short drive away from Wisconsin Amish communities, the Cranberry Country Lodge is a family friendly hotel offering comfortable guestrooms and suites, an indoor aquatic center, Amish country tours, and a convenient central location near top attractions in Monroe County, WI.
Amish Country Tours

Amish History, Culture & Life.

Originally founded in Europe by Jakob Ammann in 1693, the Amish community places a strong emphasis on humility, family values , hard work and faith in God. The Amish people live a quiet life, shunning influences of the modern world, including cars, television and farming machines. The Amish community is a close-knit society that sends their children for schooling in one-room schools, works together for barn raisings, congregates for quilting bees, and worship together for Sunday services in the home.

Self-Guided Amish Country Tours.

Visitors wishing to learn more about Amish culture and society can experience one of the largest Amish communities in Wisconsin, and discover more about their complex and intriguing way of life. Tomah's Chamber of Commerce offers a self-guided Amish Driving Tour that highlights several local Amish homesteads, farms, horse-drawn vehicles and notable turn-of-the-century churches. The detailed driving tour map directs visitors to a number of Amish stores and shops where they can purchase handmade crafts and food items, from homemade candy to traditional hand crafted Amish furniture.

Guided Tours of Wisconsin Amish Country.

Learn more about the rich history and traditions of the Amish with a guided Amish country tour departing from the Cranberry Country Lodge. Our seasonal Amish Tour provided by Down a Country Road Amish Tours takes visitors on a visit to a place where buggies are the only way to get around, horse drawn plows ready the fields for planting and colorful quilts airing on an outdoor clothesline are a common sight. Browse a gift shop built by the Amish, and find handcrafted Amish treasures , crafts and furniture that you can take home to enjoy. This unique Amish tour takes visitors to authentic Amish homes, farms and shops.
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